Can I take a boat into Elizabeth Quay?

The short answer is yes.

Now, here’s the longer answer…

To enter the inlet, your boat needs to pass under the bridge, which provides a clearance of 4.5 metres. This allows most 12 metre and 10 metre boats with a flybridge into the inlet regardless of the tide.

If you have a larger vessel or yacht with a draft of less than two metres, you can access the inlet if you can lower your mast as required to pass under the Narrows Bridge.

Here are some important details about moorings:    

  • If your boat is up to 12 metres, you can dock within the east side of the quay inlet at one of our 20 short-stay moorings. 
  • With a larger boats (12 metres+), you can use one of the 10 swing moorings located just outside the inlet, near the bridge. 
  • You can’t dock any sized boat overnight inside the inlet but you can dock on these swing moorings overnight from 7pm to 7am. During the day there is a 4 hour time limit.
  • If you’re staying for three hours or less, our moorings are free on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • You’ll find power and water available at the moorings and need to insert a gold coin to activate these. Rates are $1 per kilowatt of power and $1 per 50 litres of water.

Just like car parking, it’s often harder to find a short-stay berth during special events. It’s a good idea to check our Elizabeth Quay event schedule to plan your trip.

Visit Department of Transport's website for other details on boating in Perth.  


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