What trees have been planted at Elizabeth Quay?

Around 65 of the large trees that were in the area before construction began were either transplanted to somewhere else or are still in place. These include:

  • A 15metre tall Moreton Bay Fig tree which was relocated next to the Perth Arena - watch the video
  • Canary Island Date Palms which were transplanted at St James Anglican School in Alkimos

While some large trees needed to be removed, others were left in place. Around 400 new trees have been added to the site, including gum and eucalyptus trees, London Planes and Moreton Bay Figs. This mean there are now 50% more trees in the space than before the quay was built.

You’ll find a wide range of plants indigenous to South-West Western Australia if you visit the island. These were planted to share and celebrate our region’s amazing floral diversity.


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